What is so good about the Dremel rotary tools

Dremel is a maker of various power tools that can be found at homes all over the world. They have long since established themselves as the top maker of rotary tools. Many other brands have released their own model of this versatile power tool but so far the Dremel rotary tool has not been dethroned and remains the top seller on the market.

What is a rotary tool?

A rotary tool is an absolute must-have item in every handyman and homeowner’s equipment. A rotary tool is a small handheld power tool that is operated by a rotating motor. It is a multi-purpose tool due to a variety of attachments that can be put onto the rotary tool’s spindle. A rotary tool can be used for grinding, cutting, polishing, cleaning, drilling, carving, and many more. Albert Dremer is the one who first created the tool back when he set up his company in 1932 in Wisconsin.

The Dremel rotary tool

Being the creator of the original rotary tool, at first marketed as the ‘Dremel Moto-Tool’, it is no wonder that the Dremel rotary tool beats the other competitors without breaking a sweat. The name ‘dremel’ itself became synonymous with the tool. It is even sometimes used to describe rotary tools of other brands.

The high-speed motor makes any job much faster. This is a great tool for everyone but especially for hobbyists that do not have the need for heavy-duty tools for each and every purpose. The Dremel rotary tool will not be able to cut through every thick piece of metal but it’s definitely more than enough for all smaller jobs.

With the right attachment, you can drill a hole to hang your child’s newest picture on the wall, engrave your initials into an artwork, sand a table’s wooden surface to make it smooth, and even clean the grime off your bathroom tiles. New attachments, also referred to as bits, are constantly being released. You can even buy a bit to cut and file your dog’s nails. There is literally no other multi-purpose tool that can do many different things. The Dremel tool comes in both corded and cordless versions.

Where to buy the Dremel rotary tool

The Dremel rotary tool is so ubiquitous that you shouldn’t have any problems with finding a place to buy one. If you search for Dremel tool Lowes you will find not only the Dremel rotary tool but also many other products from the brand.

It is recommended that you purchase a whole kit that contains the power tool itself and a selection of bits and attachments you can use with it. Most Dremel kits will have all the necessary components to complete most home repairs. If you decide to purchase additional bits later make sure that they are compatible with your machine. To be certain of its authenticity buy from official distributors of Dremel tools, such as Lowes.